Welcome to Writervism

This website, and the blog that it hosts, has a very simple premise, that words and the ideas they represent have the power to change the world. We are privileged to exist during the most exciting and terrifying epoch of human history. Our knowledge of the universe continues to advance at a rapid rate, and has produced a kind of technological utopia, but we’ve paid a terrible price for it. This beautiful blue orb we call Earth, our only home in the universe, is slowly becoming inhospitable to life.

The oceans are acidifying from the excess carbon in the atmosphere, while nuclear radiation from atomic testing and the Fukushima disaster, billions of metric tons of plastic pollution, chemical run-off from unregulated agriculture and factory operations, and over-fishing threaten to collapse and destroy most of the oceanic ecosystems by 2050. The oceans and the land masses on our planet form a symbiotic circle of life. One cannot thrive without the other. If the ecosystems in the ocean go extinct, then so shall the ecosystems on the surface. We are a part of these ecosystems, and if we can’t find a way to repair the damage we’ve done to this delicate web of life, then we will probably suffer the same fate as every other species we share this world with.

We are not unique or special, or beyond the forces of nature. We have to learn how to live in harmony with nature, or nature will find a way to live in harmony without us. Extinction events are a natural cycle of life on this planet. We wouldn’t be here if the extinction of the dinosaurs had never occurred. The only difference this time is human beings have unwittingly become the architects of their own extinction.

I have immense faith in the power of human will and innovation. I have unflinching faith in humanity. We have accomplished amazing feats, we’ve walked on the moon and landed robotic rovers on Mars. We have already invented the technology we need to save ourselves, and so many of the species whose survival depends on our ability to change and adapt. We still have time to change the course of events, to steer our world down the path of sustainability.

This website exists to aid in the effort of sharing the knowledge of these issues, and to help people develop a scientific understanding of the world. It’s a place for curious, free thinking individuals, skeptics, and writervists to gather, and share their thoughts and ideas and their dreams for the future. It’s a place for open discussion and rigorous debate, where ignorance will be challenged and scientific theories will be examined and explained.

Above all else, this is going to be an online refuge for ordinary people to participate in a cause much greater than themselves. I believe that everyone can make a difference every single day. That’s what writervism is about, it’s the humble belief that our words can make a real difference in a world that desperately needs us. Thank you for being a part of this cause, and for believing in a better future. Apathy is the easiest thing in the world, but caring, truly caring about our future, is the greatest challenge of our time.


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