What are we waiting for?

This is a very unique election year, unlike any I’ve witnessed in the past. It speaks to the burning dissatisfaction of the American people that we have such a diversity of candidates running for president. I’m not going to talk about the candidates here, who’s running against who isn’t important. It’s what they stand for (or stand against) that’s important.

The truth is everyone has a stake in this. This election is happening at a pivotal time in our civilization’s history. The leader we elect in November is going to face the realities of climate change whether they choose to believe in it or not.

This is a time for Americans to start digging deep and examining the root causes of the major issues in the world. We need to find the courage to face the facts, and to stop nesting in the comfort of the status quo.

The wealthy elite would love nothing more than for us to elect another President that will consistently vote in favor of their interests. We have a real opportunity to tell them no more, to demand accountability for their past transgressions against the people, and to ensure that our country is restored to a position of global leadership on social issues and environmental concerns.

What are we waiting for? What are we so afraid of? Change is inevitable, regardless of how we choose to run our lives or our country. Nature exists outside of politics and it’s not going to wait on us to get our shit together. We have to change our politics to address the concerns of nature, or our civilization will have an expiration date. Those are the hard facts that the scientific community is telling us.

There are many powerful people in America that would have us believe that things will be okay as long as we keep making small reforms, and heading in the general right direction. But that’s another way of protecting the status quo, and ignoring the real problems. We have to realize that all of the issues are ultimately economic issues. The way that our government manages and regulates the economy determines the outcomes of climate change, pollution, violent crime, and poverty.

One of the ways that the wealthy elite distracts us from this truth is to focus on the symptoms instead of the disease. They talk about banning guns as a solution to violent crime, instead of addressing that most violent crime stems from poverty. They talk about banning abortion, but are willing to do nothing to address the underlying causes of it. If we ensured every citizen of this country could get a college education, and guaranteed paid family leave at their jobs once they went into the workforce, I suspect abortions would fall to record lows. The problem is a lack of education, and lack of personal resources.

As I said before, all of our issues are economic issues. The root problem is a rigged economic and political system that keeps people under control. It’s essentially a caste system, where the majority of all new wealth is concentrated within the top one percent of earners. The system insulates itself against any movement that is organized to change it. In the past, societies dominated by brute force. Now they do it through social engineering, and psychological manipulation. The mass media is the culmination of decades of carefully crafted misinformation and propaganda. They are so good at what they do that most people don’t even realize they’re being fooled.

If we’re going to change society, we have to change the way we consume information first. We have to unplug ourselves from the mass media, and learn to think for ourselves. We have to reject the notion that the political and the corporate elite are separate entities with separate goals. The corporate control of our government is no longer deniable. The idea that we can challenge corporate rule without taking our government back is inherently flawed. How are every day people with very limited resources and free time supposed to overcome the will of the most powerful people in this country?

We need a government that fights for the best interests of the people. We need fair and transparent elections. We need to abolish the system of lobbyists and unlimited campaign contributions that has completely undermined our democratic republic. The way forward requires us all to take a stand. We have to be fearless.

We have to start by taking back our minds and bodies. We are the only ones who decide what we consume. I believe in peaceful resistance, and intelligent cooperation. I believe we are capable of creating a movement at the local level in every city and town in America that could begin to rebuild our country through community gardening, bartering, and charity. We need to take full advantage of the liberties we still possess. Self-sustainability is the goal. The more self-sustainable we become, the more the corporations lose their powerhold over our lives. We can challenge the status quo by opting out of it. This is the revolution I support. Organic fruit and vegetables on every street. Make the planet a greener, tastier place, and the bastards have already lost.

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