Liberal America: Learn to Play Chess

It occurs to me that rather than offending Donald Trump, all of these people writing “Fuck Trump” everywhere are probably giving him a boner. He gets off on the attention, and the liberal masses are playing right into his hand as usual. Seriously people, come up with a better rallying cry. I can’t even be a part of this fake resistance because I honestly think it’s totally stupid and childish.
I despise our government, but I see things plainly for what they are. Liberals empowered the Republican party by not demanding major reforms to the Democratic party a long time ago. The Bernie Sander’s movement should have happened in the 70s. Last year was a little too late to the party. It’s time to accept the facts. We live in a highly corrupt society run by corporations and wealthy government officials who serve the interests of their wealthy peers above all else. You can pitch a fit about it, you can shake your signs, and write Fuck Trump all over the place, but at the end of the day those people are still in charge, and you still have jack shit in the way of real power. Maybe it’s time to grow up, grow a pair, and figure out why this all happened in the first place.
You can start by learning the real history of America. The devil is in the details. Donald Trump promised to “Make America great again.” But were we ever great to begin with? I suppose that depends on your definition of greatness. We have always been great at oppressing the weak, and establishing our dominance over the nations of the world. That’s never changed. We were the global super power under Obama, and we are still the global super power on the morning after Trump was sworn into office.
Every other nation on this planet understands this, and adheres to the rules of the playbook the American government wrote. Whenever a country gets out of line we come after them, either through military force, international sanctions, or covert missions to overthrow their government and establish an American-friendly government in its place. The reach of our empire is absolute. North Korea is the only nation I can think of that has successfully defied our will, and they’ve been completely backed into a corner for doing so. How much longer can they hold out? I have a feeling that they will eventually be defeated, perhaps under the current administration, which has shown a great enthusiasm for war.
The American government has reached the point in its evolution that traditional forms of protest are powerless to stop it. You can call me a coward or a pessimist for saying that, but I am actually full of hope and I’m not afraid to speak what I firmly believe is the truth. I think we should all form a united resistance, but it needs to be an intelligent resistance. We have to stop playing by the enemies’ rules, and giving them what they want. Otherwise we’re getting exactly what we deserve.
One thing I noticed about the Bernie Sander’s movement is that the American people are capable of funding and powering a massive organization on their own. But when Bernie lost the primary, and subsequently backed Hillary to her inevitable defeat, it felt like all of that money we sacrificed was in vain. It was demoralizing, humiliating, and now a lot of us are acting like pissed off teenagers who didn’t get their way. But we are forgetting the single most valuable lesson from that movement: we almost won, and we did it without any help from the wealthy. Imagine if we could pull our resources together again behind a scientific organization tasked with the development of technologies to mitigate climate change and develop green energy. That’s a movement I would gladly support, and one that could effect real change. Right now the movement has splintered, and devolved into angry protesting, and pessimistic rambling, but we have seen what we can accomplish when we stand united. We didn’t win control of our government, but we still have control of our destinies. And I know we can find a way ahead that challenges the machinations of the state, while addressing the single greatest threat to humanity, the transformation of our world through climate change. We have no more time to waste.